MedicaFund provides the financing to one of the largest Diagnostic Radiology Networks in the country. This financing has allowed the Company to pre-fund its Practitioners prior to receiving payment from its Payor Client’s. The pre-funding differentiates the Company from all of its competitors in its industry and has resulted in rapid growth and acceptance of the Network.

MedicaFund is currently pursuing financing opportunities to allow it to expand its pre-funding operations into new geographies. It is seeking $5,000,000.00 in collaterized promissory notes. The notes will have a 3 year term and bear interest at the rate of 12 percent (12%) per annum payable quarterly in cash in arrears. The interest will be payable at the end of each calendar quarter.

MedicaFund shall have the right to prepay the Notes at anytime, without penalty. If MedicaFund prepays the Notes prior to maturity, Note Holders shall receive their principal (and accrued and unpaid interest thereon). The Notes will be collaterailzed by a first lien on medical claims which are claims against insurance carriers. These claims have the right of recourse against the Provider who generated the claim. MedicaFund will service all accounts and will maintain all control over the receipts and distributions of borrowed proceeds.

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