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  Staying Competitive . . .

Today’s business environment changes rapidly. Competition, commoditization, regulations and innovation challenge the most seasoned practitioner.
  At MedicaFund we provide the ability to advance funds to our Clients as a result of our proprietary technology that utilizes a unique system of controls that monitor the funding, payments and reconciliations. The entire process is electronic, and it can be completely audited at the least level of detail.
  In order to remain in business, be competitive and profitable, new strategies need to be adopted.

Rapid decision making with or without consensus can mean the difference between survival and failure. MedicaFund’s unique Medical Billing Financing provides the kind of innovation that will separate successful profitable Practitioners from those living and working day to day, hand to mouth.

Let MedicaFund be the Partner that allows you to enjoy the profession you have chosen and the life you have been given.
Claims payment can be a nightmare . . .
Margins erode as Practitioners hire more staff in order to keep up!
There are multiple requirements mandated by insurers. New Federal guidelines further complicate a process that continually changes. Capitation, PPO, HMO discounts and Fee schedule reductions result in Practitioners working harder to make less. Staffing requirements increase resulting in daily Human Resource challenges. It is estimated that in today’s medical market, $0.60 cents of every dollar billed goes to administration. Time works against the profit margins of every Practitioner.

MedicaFund,LLC provides immediate cash flow without increasing work flow resulting in increased profits and increased margin. Business is not about volume, it is about margin. MedicaFund can increase margin by 50%.
MedicaFund utilizes the proprietary web based technology . . .
Interfacing with the web based claims system,
Medical claims are processed through and after validation by the iHCFA system that a “clean claim” has been received, MedicaFund advances funds to the Practitioner.

HIPPA secure technology links the claims payment system with the funding system. Rapid weekly reconciliation maintains ongoing cash flows through electronic fund transfers.

Reports generate instantaneous knowledge which govern, amounts borrowed, amounts outstanding, interest paid and interest due.